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5 Reasons Of Having A Swimming Pool

The following 5 reasons to have a swimming pool will give you the urge to install one at your home because it gives a lot of excitement and happiness to everyone.These reasons make a swimming pool a must have almost in every home.

1. Helps in staying cool and relaxed

Instead of locking yourself inside your air conditioned room because it is hot outside, you can go out enjoy the summer and stay cool in the water of your swimming pool. Dial your friends’ numbers and let them join you in your own pool. Enjoy summer and forget all the reasons to stay inside your room.

2. It helps in adding attraction to your house

A swimming pool, in-ground or above the ground pool, is not just a bunch of water in your backyard. With its great color and design, it can be an attraction to your home. With added waterfalls and other decorating amenities and pool supplies, it can serve as a relaxing and also an inviting place in your house. You’ll see, by just looking at it, you will feel more relaxed and your friends will come again and again not just because they want to swim but they also want to see how splendid your place is.A recent study states that having your own swimming pool at home increases the value of your home to 15%. It also can make your place more attractive and if ever you will be leaving it and want to sell it, your prospective buyers will be attracted more when a house has it.

3. Helps in saving money

Though having a swimming pool is a bit expensive at first because you also have to buy supplies like intex pool supplies, it is easier to finance than most people will usually think. Maintaining it is not that expensive too. In the long run, you will see that having your own swimming pool is less expensive than going out and some expensive vacations with your family. Moreover, it definitely lasts for a long time.

4. It helps in encouraging a family bonding

Building a swimming pool means creating a place of relaxation and fun for your family, especially to the children. It also gives you time to have more bonding time together even if you are just at your backyard. Seeing them playing in the water, teaching them how to swim or just eating with them in between swimming time is definitely a great bonding with them.

5. It is a long lasting enjoyment

Having a swimming pool at home is a great investment because it lasts for many years when properly maintained. Yes, it cannot be used during the winter but when summer comes, all you have to do is take the winter pool covers out, clean it with your other pool supplies and cleaners, and again enjoy the water! It cannot be compared to any vacation or any movie date because it will all end. A swimming pool can be enjoyed by you, your friends and your family for a long period of time.

Best Liner For Above Ground Pool

I n this short but informative article, an attempt will be made to tell you all the technical information that you need to know about best liner for above ground pool. What liner manufacturers will not want you to know will be laid bare in the course of this article.

Virtually all the liner manufacturers buy their stock from different suppliers; some of them may stick to just one supplier though. Some of the materials they buy are ridiculously cheap; to worsen matters, they are made of recycled plastic- that is the truth about the vinyl used by some of these manufacturers.

How do you know the best above ground vinyl? You should be on the lookout for the following features:
• The thickness of it should be 20/20mil. That is the dimension that will render the best service.
• It must of necessity be made from special blend of wholly new vinyl. To cap it up, it must be mixed thoroughly with plasticizers.
• For the patterns printed on it, the best liners use ink backed up by UV protection.

You do not want your pool to leak; if that happens, then the aim is defeated already. Thickness is one of the features of a good liner. The dimensions you should look out for as been stated earlier. The liner sits on a stone dust or on the base of sand.
They are 4 feet deep; therefore, it makes it easy for people to walk on the bottom. If the dimension is not thick enough; then from underneath, one sharp piece of stone will create a leak- reason why the dimension should be thick enough.
Ever heard of virgin vinyl? It is a term used in the industry for vinyl made of 100% new vinyl; no added plastic involved. That is the best material that will give you the best value for money. Liners made from recycled vinyl or plastic will not last long, they cost less.

Now let us answer the question: What are the liner pool types that are currently available? We have three basic types for now. They are:


For the first two liners, there are very few companies who make the liners. They are special liners; therefore, they are limited in design as well as in their thickness options.
For the everything else brand, there are lots of cheaper options for you to choose from.

It is common nowadays to see quite a sizable number of old liners online all waiting for prospective buyers. Their prices are ridiculously too low. Some of them are five years old. The candid advice here is that you should keep them at arm’s length.

Going by what has been learnt so far, it should be clear enough that pool liners are not manufactured equally. There is distinction between them. You cannot compare virgin vinyl to those made from recycled materials.
The thickness is also an important factor. The standard is 20/20 mil. The measure should be in mil; no more no less. Bearing all these in mind, it should be relatively easy for you to choose best above ground pool liners that you rightly deserve.

Benefits of Using a Pool Heater

Are you the proud owner of a comfortable pool? If so, it is time for purchasing a pool heater. There are many benefits of using a pool heater such as relaxation and training. It may be very good to have a swimming pool at home and enjoy it during the whole year. For example, with a 12-months swimming pool season, you will be able to enjoy swimming after working but this dream can become reality only with a pool warmer.

A pool warmer is able to provide you with the temperature you prefer for your pool. In order to get the most pleasant warm pool water, it will be essential to prefer the right pool heater among the collection of kinds available.

Solar swimming pool heaters are known worldwide due to some special features such as their excellent functioning and because they are environment-friendly. Once you have decided to get a pool heater and to change the way you enjoy your pool, you should consider other items in order to make the process simple.

However, if you prefer a traditional pool heater because you consider that sun pool heater can be too expensive for you, there is a considerable kind of models which are powered by gas or oil. Gas pool heaters are ideal for these parties you organize at home and where guests want to enjoy the pool. There is one more option: electric pool heaters but they are the most expensive of the group. Both gas and electric heaters provide users with the option to enjoy your pool the whole year.

On the other hand, if you finally choose a solar pool heater, remember that they are more costly but after installation you will receive all the benefits they can provide you. Your electricity bills will not suffer any increased with this type of heaters.

Additionally, there is one more choice to heat the water of your pool and maintain it at an enjoyable temperature: heat pumps. They warm the pool water by taking heat from ambient air. Heat pumps are mostly used by people who are accustomed to swimming a lot.

If you want to build your own pool heater because you consider yourself a great builder with the needed skills to perform this task, you should know that many people decide to build solar pool heaters because they think these heaters are a little bit easier to prepare. But, it is necessary to have more than natural building skills to build a pool heater. If you decide to build your solar pool heater; you will need at least one solar panel which may be quite expensive. Therefore, it is ideal to check advantages and disadvantages of building your own pool heater before starting. Pool heaters can be also useful when you want to keep your pool water at the healthiest temperatures for your family.

A pool heater can be used with any type of climate, therefore it is not exclusive of cold weather. So, if you are keen on swimming or relaxing in the pool, a pool heater can be one of the most important elements to enjoy your pool. If you do not where you can find the best pool heater or where you can the one you need, you can search the Web.

Top 5 Benefits of Above Ground Pools

There now is a great option for those looking to invest in a pool but are constrained by small budgets and inadequate space. With above ground pools, every family, poor or small, can enjoy the hot summers, cooling off in custom made pools in the comfort of their own backyards. In this article, we will discuss some of the many benefits of above ground pools.

1. They are a cheaper option

In-ground pools, because of their nature and the materials used in their construction are expensive. On the other hand, above ground pools are a much cheaper option, coming in many sizes at comparable quality. This innovation has democratised leisure and luxury, allowing less well off families a chance at owning their own swimming pool.

2. Ease of installations

After the attraction of cost, perhaps the most appealing feature of above ground pools is their ease of installation. Compared to in-ground pools, for which you have to excavate mounds of earth before construction can even begin, above ground pools are easy to install. You can erect it in a day, even when doing it yourself. You don’t need any special skills to put one up.

3. Safety

Safety around the home is a big concern for every parent. It becomes an even bigger concern when the decision to invest in a pool is being considered. With small children around, there is the obvious risk of them drowning. There are above ground pools specially designed with children’s safety in mind. Usually, these are too high to be accessed by small children. Some can even be locked off.

3. Portability

For those who, because work or other reasons, are always on the move but can’t live without a pool, above ground pools are a great investment. These pools can be disassembled and moved, to a different location, for reinstallation. This is impossible with in-ground pools. Their ease of installation means you can do it all, disassemble and reassemble, yourself. This also makes them fairly easy to clean and maintain.

4. More location choices

You don not always have the luxury of an open backyard which you can be free to dig up and sink a pool in. Local council regulations may forbid you, usually for practical reasons, from digging up your own backyard. The reasons may include that of water or sewer pipes laid underneath. Even when this isn’t an issue, you will still likely have to apply for permission from your local authority before you can proceed with any construction. Above ground pools do not require any digging as they are laid above ground.

5. More sizes

Those not blessed with the luxury of ample backyard space will be pleased to know that above ground pools come in many sizes. You can find a pool to meet, almost, any size, cost, or design considerations. Even a small family living in a small apartment can get a pool small enough to fit on their balcony. On the other end, a bigger or well off family can get a custom made pool large enough to fit several adults and children.
After all is considered, above ground pools have many benefits over in-ground pools. That you can disassemble them when swimming season is over also mean you can use the land on which the pool will have stood for other purposes. With so many choices available you can get an above ground pool to meet any need or taste.

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